Mexico La Mixteca


Mexico La Mixteca

from 17.00

single origin

toffee, chocolate, red apple

  • origin - mexico
  • region - oaxaca
  • producer - sierra mixteca de yucuhiti unidos
  • process - fully washed, 24 to 26 hour fermentation, dried on raised beds with shade nets and rain tarps
  • variety - bourbon & typica
  • altitude - 1900 meters

Ever since we started this company we've had a special place for Mexican coffee. It was one of the first coffee's I have ever had the chance to roast and I always have a soft spot for those really balanced and sweet coffees. For the past three years, Roya has devestated the coffee many parts of Mexico. In some cases, farmers had to uproot all their trees and plant new ones (in one case, a producer worked alone to replant all 2000 that he had on his farm). This is no trivial disease. It takes 5 years and 500 hands (thanks Ashley Whelan) to create beautiful coffee. So once again, we're giving Mexico a chance!

This coffee presents with a creamy body, malic red apple acidity, and sweet toffee and chocolate body. It's great as a filter, cold brew, or espresso offering!

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