Kenya Akusi


Kenya Akusi

from 17.00

single origin

strawberry, kiwi, floral

  • origin - kenya
  • region - nakuru county
  • producer - 600 farmers of the akusi co-operative community
  • process - washed, dried on raised beds
  • variety - sl-28, sl-34, riuru 11, batian 
  • altitude - 1800 meters

Nakuru means "dusty place" in the Maasai language, though Nakuru county is home to beautiful national parks and the stunning Lake Nakuru. Co-op members here pick their coffee and deliver to the wet mill the same day. The average farm size is 0.5 hectares; 600 of these lots come together to make this crop. The cherries are floated using clean river water, which is recirculated before being disposed in seepage pits. The coffee is then dried on raised beds before being delivered to the dry mill for secondary processing.

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