Ethiopia Hunda Oli


Ethiopia Hunda Oli

from 18.00

single origin

floral, lychee, melon

  • origin - ethiopia
  • region - oromia 
  • producer - kata muduga co-op 
  • process - fully washed and dried on raised beds
  • variety - heirloom
  • altitude - 1970 to 2200 meters

Hunda Oli in the language of the Oromo people means "the greatest" and we couldn't agree more. This coffee is fermented in soaking tanks for 12 hours, and then dried for four to six hours on mesh beds. This allows for water to quickly drain from the coffee. Netting is placed over the mesh wire and the coffee is dried for an additional nine to eleven days. This coffee grows deep in the rainforest, and it rains for nine months out of the year! We're loving the sweetness, delicate acidity, and punchy fruit this Ethiopia brings to the table. 

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