Colombia Inga Aponte Washed


Colombia Inga Aponte Washed

from 16.50

milk chocolate, cherry, orange juice

  • origin - colombia

  • region - nariño

  • producer - aponte community

  • process - washed

  • variety - caturra

  • altitude - 2150 meters

This is the second year we have partnered with the Aponte Community. This year, we brought on two of their beautiful coffees. We we’re really impressed with their washed coffee that they named cherry. While a lot of Colombian coffees have a typical milk chocolate, cherry, and orangey profile, this one delved deeper. Rainer cherry, 60% cocoa, and a sweet orange juice makes for a vibrant, sweet, and balanced coffee for any time of day. We love this coffee as just a regular cup of joe, and it takes cream and sugar like a champ! Its super silky in a latte as well. Enjoy!

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