Brazil Riacho Doce


Brazil Riacho Doce

from 15.00

single origin

malt, strawberry jam, pipe tabacoo

  • origin - brazil
  • region - planalto da bahia 
  • producer - marinalva ivo das neves 
  • process - washed
  • variety - yellow and red Catuai 
  • altitude - 960 meters

This coffee comes from Fazenda Riacho Doce meaning clear water stream. Cherries are harvested during the morning and taken to the washing station in the early afternoon. The coffee is then de-pulped and fermented for 12-15 hours. After fermentation, the beans are washed and moved to a greenhouse to dry. 

Marinalva states “In the beginning, I had a lot of difficulties, mainly because of a lack of financial resources and knowledge about how to handle the land. But I was always a curious lady ... I used to stop my car at unknown coffee plantations to get to know other farmers and see what they were doing. I also became a constant presence in technical meetings, lectures about coffee and started to read a lot of material about coffee. I guess that my curiosity and passion for coffee are what made my fate as a successful coffee grower, even while going through other difficulties beyond my control, such as adverse weather conditions and long cycles of low prices.”  

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